Gay Key West

The Duchess and Lulu are fans of Gay Key West. Although we live Across The Pond in Sunny Sussex we visit Key West on a regular basis and in many ways regard it as home away from home.

What makes Key West so special. The sunshine yes, the island and its fine architecture and tropical landscape certainly, but most of all it is the people. We have never found a community so open and caring as the folks of Key West.

Having visited Key West for over 25 years it was the openness and acceptance of gay people that first attracted us to this Island Paradise. In those days there were very few places in the world where gay people were so widely accepted.

Old town was full of gay guesthouse, most of these have sadly disappeared, but some have survived and still cater for discerning guests from near and far. Bars and Clubs of the time included "Numbers" and "The Copa" all long since disappeared. 801 was and still is part of the Gay Key West Scene.


Fantasy 2007

 Coronation Ball 2007

Masquerade 2007

Equator Toga Party 2007

Brighton Pride 2007

Naked Cycle Ride Brighton 2007

Fantasy 2006

Equator Toga Party 2006

Bouffant Party - Oasis Coronation Ball 2006

Sand Sculptures Ancient Rome

Buckingham Palace

Photos from Brighton Pride

More Photos from Brighton Pride

Bare As You Dare

Birmingham Pride 2006

Lulu's Garden for all Season's

Tropical Heat 2006

Bed Races 2006

Aftermath of Wilma Key West 2005

More From Wilma 2005

Awaiting Wilma Key West 2005

S.H.I.P Parade

Equator Toga Party

Fantasy Street March

Lulu's Brighton Pride 2005

Duchess's Brighton Pride 2005

Sand Sculptures Brighton 2005

Fantasy Fest 2004















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Gay Key West

Gay Key West